Soul Healing

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Soul Retrieval Healing

The Shamans of old believed that all illness could be linked back to a loss of a person’s Soul energy and therefore, Shamans engaged in, and still do, a practice of entering a trance state to retrieve those missing parts and bring them home. Once returned to a person's energy, it is believed the recipient can then be brought back to a state of wholeness, happiness and well-being.

How can our Soul energy become separated or lost?

Our soul energy can become fractured and separated from us during moments of great trauma and shock, and also within relationships which are toxic and where the dynamics are one of struggle for power and control. In which case, our soul energy can become trapped in another’s energy field or even imprisoned within a geographical place.


How do you know if you have lost a piece of your Soul energy?

Often, those who have lost a piece of their soul energy will openly lament the absence of a state of wholeness, frequently declaring they feel as though a piece of them is missing, or has forever gone or been robbed after a difficult event. Perhaps since a trauma, the death of a loved one, or at the end of a bitter conflict or divorce. In such cases, the person may without realising, be identifying their own symptoms of their soul loss.

Carolyn will facilitate a healing to bring back the missing pieces of your Soul in order to return you to a state of wholeness, balance and empowerment once again.

Session Duration: 1 Hour
Session Fee: $150