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Genome Healing

What is Genome Healing?

The new science of Epigenetics is revolutionising our understanding of the links between mind and matter and the profound effects that this inter-relationship has on our personal lives, as well as the human collective. The research of prominent American cell biologist, Bruce H. Lipton PhD asserts that the cells in our body are not only affected by our thoughts, but also, how we perceive our environment. In his book the Biology of Belief, Lipton describes the precise molecular pathways through which this intricate inter-relationship occurs.

Genome Healing works with the cells by giving the body a voice. In a Genome Healing session your awareness is gently brought to your physical body in order that you may connect with it at a deeper level and gain a true understanding of what is going on within your body's organs and systems from an internal perspective; essentially, giving your body an opportunity to communicate its needs to you.