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Theta Healing

What is the Theta Healing Technique?

Theta Healing is a powerful technique that will allow you to quickly identify limiting and fear-based beliefs, dissolve deeply held energy blocks and re-program your unconscious mind.


Theta Healing facilitates freedom from past 'internal' restrictions and a move to a whole new level of self-empowerment, freedom and self-belief.

The Theta Healing technique is best described as a meditation technique as well as, a spiritual philosophy. It is a method that utilises the Theta Brain Wave state to facilitate healing and a balance of the connection between body, mind and spirit. It allows you to clear limiting self-beliefs, release negative thought patterns and to begin shaping a life you would truly choose to live. 


The Theta Healing technique is a world renowned healing method that was created by Vianna Stibal in 1995 during her own personal journey back to health resulting from a tumor.

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Serenity Healing

What is the Serenity Healing Technique?

The Serenity Healing Technique is an incredibly powerful modality for healing the Emotional, Mental, Physical and Spiritual aspects of one’s being; bringing all four into harmony and balance by clearing current and past life wounding and limiting self beliefs, clearing the roots of physical issues, as well as raising your vibration and offering you an accelerated path to spiritual expansion and enlightenment.

How does it achieve this?

This technique works directly with Spirit, the Higher Self and with the Heart Energy and can facilitate profound healing, spiritual expansion and positive life shifts by:

  • Releasing and healing limiting and fear-based belief systems

  • Healing current and past-life traumas, emotional wounds and karmic issues

  • Healing energy blocks

  • Facilitating Soul healing

  • Releasing and healing inherited conditions and behavioural patterns

  • Clearing anxieties, fears and phobias

  • Releasing what you have taken on from others

  • Dissolving deeply held cords to past relationships you wish to let go of

  • DNA Activations to raise your vibrational frequency

  • Locating the source/reason of a physical ailment

  • Awakening you to your Soul's true purpose

  • Shielding you energetically from things which deplete your energy

  • Facilitating the ability to go back in time and energetically re-write traumatic events


Reiki Healing

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a very gentle form of healing useful for realigning the flow of Chi or life force energy throughout the body.  Energy must flow freely and easily through the body for a state of balance, harmony and a feeling of connection to the Self and the Universe.  However, where there are energy blocks present in your energy system due to the storing of negative emotions or toxic substances such as alcohol and drugs, as well as heavy foods, there will be interference with the flow of this positive life force energy.

The more specific benefits of Reiki include:

  • Adjusting the flow of life force energy or Chi through the body

  • Creating a sense of deep relaxation

  • Boosting the immune system

  • Supporting the body’s natural ability to heal itself

  • Aiding spiritual growth and emotional healing

  • Relieving physical pain

  • Revitalising both the body and the Soul

  • Re-balancing the connection between the spiritual, emotional, physical and the mental bodies; balancing all 4 energy bodies

  • Cleansing the body of toxic energy

  • Improving sleep

  • Increasing one’s vitality and raising the your vibration

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Genome Healing

What is Genome Healing?

The new science of Epigenetics is revolutionising our understanding of the links between mind and matter and the profound effects that this inter-relationship has on our personal lives, as well as the human collective. The research of prominent American cell biologist, Bruce H. Lipton PhD asserts that the cells in our body are not only affected by our thoughts, but also, how we perceive our environment. In his book the Biology of Belief, Lipton describes the precise molecular pathways through which this intricate inter-relationship occurs.

Genome Healing works with the cells by giving the body a voice. In a Genome Healing session your awareness is gently brought to your physical body in order that you may connect with it at a deeper level and gain a true understanding of what is going on within your body's organs and systems from an internal perspective; essentially, giving your body an opportunity to communicate its needs to you.

Rock Balancing


What is Counselling?

Counselling is a gentle process of talking about and working through your personal challenges, problems and decisions with a counsellor in order to arrive at a place of clarity and a deeper understanding of yourself and/or a situation.


The counsellor helps you to see things from a higher perspective and to address your challenges, problems and decisions in a more positive way. They will help you to access a whole new level of clarify around whatever situation you might be facing. They will also help you to explore your options and develop strategies to move through the situation with a sense of clarity, centeredness and empowerment.

Meditation by the Sea


What is Meditation?

Meditation can be best defined as a set of techniques that are intended to facilitate a heightened state of awareness, a sense of calm, as well as presense. Many people meditate to simply quiet the mind. However, meditation can facilitate much more. It can lead to greater levels of creativity. A deepening of one's connection to Spirit and a whole new level of inner harmony and success.